Masterpost: Can't Face the Daffodils

Title: Can’t Face the Daffodils
Summary: It’s hard to be an omega in a city like Gotham.
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Bruce/Blake, Bane/Blake
Notes: Written for tdkr_kink. Wow, it only took me forever and a day to clean this up and own up to it. But I think it’s high time I started writing things instead of rewriting them. *looks at the WIP folder*. The alternate ending is for those who asked for Bane/Blake. In which case I assume either Bruce is dead or John decided he wasn't worth it. Or something. Happy Christmas everyone.
Disclaimer: This is like the stupid English exercises we do in school. What would you do if you had a million dollars (or the local equivalent)? Well I’d be rich for a change...
Warnings: Whatever that comes with Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. It is implied that the prejudice is significantly worse in Gotham.
Word count: 20,000+

Uh, so, I saw this in my inbox and I hadn't seen the moved yet so I flagged it and let it be...and the moment I finished the movie and came back and read it. I LOVED it.