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Because I can't find anything :C

The very general rule of thumb here is, if it's anime or something animated, it's probably on my FFN account. If it's a live-action TV drama or a movie, it's probably here. Please note that some stories have been crossposted for some odd reason and there are stories found on one medium not found anywhere else. Also this list is a WIP. Had a been a neater person everything would be organized alphabetically. But alas, I am not and at best I can only manage fandoms. So maybe next time I'm at school.


For drabbles, please use the drabble tag.

***(Updated 10/4)


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Pacific Rim

Is eye-sex for geeks and nerds everywhere.

It is the culmination of what mech-lovers and monster movie watchers have been waiting for.

So yeah, you could say that it's a ripoff of every Gundam anime, Evangelion, whatever, but you will literally walk out of the theaters with tears in your eyes it's that good.

And that's all the coherency you can expect from me after watching this.
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Weather phenomenon

I am miserable in my miserableness due to weather.

In memories, summer is never as bad as you think it is, neither is winter though in fact, they are worse.

I'm telling you, Korean summers are the worst.

The latitude and longitude gives the illusion of being a perfectly temperate climate with four seasons like winter, spring, summer and fall but no. Somewhere down the line, spring and fall have fallen to the wayside and we're now stuck with intervals of summer and winter, sweltering weather mimicking the humid hospitality of the Amazon and winter detailing the primordial feai of dying in sleep because of the cold.

Right now, everything is wet, my elbows are wet, my sheets are wet, laundry won't dry, my bathroom smells like something died in it, all manners of bugs are taking refuge against the window screen at night and argh.


Also I'm looking for work, also adding to my misery =/
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(fic) Chiron in the eighth house

Title: Chiron in the eighth house
Summary: He’s heard what the old Vulcan’s said of the universe and knows that he cannot let these two brilliant men die.
Rating: PG13
Notes: An alternate ending to what happened in STID (highlight to read) after the old Spock told them all about Khan and Bones freaks out about the whole death and the Lazarus shebang. I seem to really enjoy tugging on McCoy’s mortal coil. Oh look, it kinda looks like a setup for a Doom crossover lol.
Characters: Leonard McCoy, James T. Kirk, Spock, Geoff M’Benga
Word count: 2400+
Warnings: Spoilers for those who haven’t seen STID, also miraculous recovery

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(fic) Tramontane

Title: Tramontane
Summary: It's never wise to piss off a deity.
Rating: PG13 because isn't that the rating for the movie?
Notes: Could you exposition any harder Bones? Also, I don't really buy the deus ex machina of Khanberbatch's wonderblood. So I replaced it with an actual god via Cupid!McCoy :D
Characters: Leonard McCoy, Khan Noonien Singh
Disclaimer: Nope, no own
Word count: 900+
Warnings: Vague spoilers for the movie

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The mother-fucker who ruined by dreams of becoming the next Nijinski. I had no idea inner thigh-strength was required to climb this x(
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This is what happens when I read:

The Cases That Haunt Us ----> Murder -----> Cold cases ----> Dream about a fluffy domestic fic + mpreg
Smallpox: the Death of a Disease ----> Death & disease ----> Dream about becoming a Marvel representative
Dresden Files #6 ----> Dream about going back to school
Fingersmiths ----> Dreams about becoming the main character of a spy thriller

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Next Great Baker

Cakes are like leprechauns at our house.

Or actually, anything that remotely tastes sweeter than an overripe banana are disallowed.

So in order to feed my addiction during these trying days (I have a massively useless guilt complex let me tell you), I started watching Cake Boss again and its spin-off The Next Great Baker and am torn between ohmygodthatlooksgoodcakeporn! and whatawaste.


I should go clean up my masterlist.

Should, but I won't.

Also, listening to Evangelion makes me want to write lots of angst. Lots
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I may not have work but I must watch movies

Saw Iron Man 3 today so all those unfortunate souls in US or worldwide who have yet to see this movie, back off, mosey on along, unless you want spoilers, of which there aren't that many but I don't want people shrieking at me like despoiled virgins. Or something.

Who reads my journal anyways?

Final verdict: good but not as good as the last two.

The thing is that as a trilogy, the Iron Man franchise had to follow a specific formula. The first movie is a set up, an introduction to who Ironman is and boy the world needed it since RDJ is the best thing that ever happened to Tony Stark.


The second movie usually deals with action, wanton destruction, it's where the fun stuff comes out. Critics might have given Iron Man only a 60%+ approval rate but they can't deny that it was a good time.


The third movie is all about a resolution to whatever demons our intrepid hero might be suffering from be it PTSD, the sheer inadequacy in the face of intergalactic might, knowing that your loved ones are in danger because the world knows who you are, that kind of thing. Iron Man 3 tries to prove that a suit does not make the man, it's man who makes the suit.

This means that for the majority of the movie, Iron Man isn't Iron Man at all. It's Tony Stark in the flesh who is running around, saving his friends, family, and the United States government.


See, Tony doesn't need his suit, he's motherfucking Tony Stark thank you very much.

So this movie becomes a focal point in Tony's evolution as a man. Not Iron Man I, not the Avengers, but this film wherein Pepper was never a damsel in distress, Happy likes Downton Abbey, Rhodey's password is Warmachine Rox in caps, and Tony finally gets the shrapnel out of his chest and apparently built a life size model of Metalhead (TMNT) in his downtime.

I loved the mentions towards the other movies in the Marvel Universe such as Thor and Avengers. Loved the credits montage which was basically a composite of all three movies in a very kickass clip. And omg, Mark Ruffalo! At the end it's revealed that Tony is telling all this, not to the audience, but to Bruce Banner who is trying hard, but failing to keep awake.


Honestly, I was expecting a hand off between Iron Man and Thor, again, but this was good too.

But the thing is, Tony being Iron Man detracts from his decision to become more than Iron Man. Batman in Dark Knight could go off and retire because Batman is an ideal, it's bigger than the person behind the mask. Tony Stark in Marvel MCU is synonymous with his suit. I'm not saying he can't be without it, I rather encourage him in taking steps to make sure that he won't die the next time he runs out of battery. But Tony, unlike the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, is a flesh-and-bone human being with no other professional skills. There is no John Blake to become the next Avenger, Tony hanging up his suit is basically saying bye-bye to Iron Man.

So yeah, my two cents about the movie.
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(Fic) Troika 4/?

Title: Troika [4/?]
Summary: A soldier, a killer and an alien walk into the bar and save the world. Or alternatively, how Reaper, Sylar and Neytiri end up in the Star Trek universe.
Rating: PG13
Pairing: pre-Spock/McCoy/Uhura or Sylar/Reaper/Neytiri
Notes: multifandom crossover with Avatar (2009), Doom (2005) and the TV series Heroes.
Disclaimer: I own none of these fandoms
Warnings: un-betaed, polyamory, requires suspension of belief.
Word count: 2800+

“I’m clearly a washed up divorcee.” John retorted cynically, grabbing her glass of champagne and downing it in a single swallow. Neytiri let out an appalled gasp. Or maybe it was something else. He countered with a short burp. Setting the glass down he said, “I can do whatever the hell I like.” Collapse )
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Found a rat in my room this morning only it wasn't, you know, a rat.

It was one of my sister's hamsters.

I'm not the squeamish sort, okay I really am. Especially towards things with, legs, and legs, and oh god legs.

But you try having a hamster crawl around your pristine floor.

Your shout of horror quickly becomes one of outrage.